I bring decades of animal shelter fundraising experience and expertise to each assignment/partner. Unlike other fundraising consultants, I specialize in fundraising for animal shelters, having worked for shelters in an executive capacity and having partnered with more than 200 client animal shelters across the United States.

I'll work with your leadership team (executive leader and/or board) to help mold and shape your fundraising efforts to maximize your fundraising revenue.  I understand that in the animal sheltering world, every program and service to save an animal's life depends on your fundraising success. Together, we can realize your dreams.   We'll be the catalyst that transforms your ideas into impactful actions.  

Let’s create a strategic plan that will get you there!


You believe your organization has potential. You just don't know how much or how to realize it. 

Our fundraising development audit examines your fundraising program (policies, procedure, and practices) from top to bottom, using both quantitative and qualitative methodology to help you prioritize your human and financial resources to maximize your fundraising revenue.  We'll reveal your fundraising strengths and how to capitalize on them while also identifying weaknesses and threats and making recommendations to address them.  Together, we will develop a strategic plan for your organization’s future, and how you can maximize your fundraising potential.


Your organization is ready to build a new (or renovate an existing) animal shelter.  You just don't know where or how to begin.  That's where we come in to make your dream...a reality! 

Capital campaigns are specialized campaigns that require a lot of time and attention to detail. And unlike other fundraising campaigns, capital campaigns can also present many unique challenges, different from past challenges.  We can guide your organization through these many challenges and provide you with experience and guidance to keep your staff - and campaign - focused and on target.  

Throughout a major fundraising campaign, our hands-on guidance and support takes many forms: recruiting volunteers to advocate for you in the community; training your staff in the art and science of cultivation and solicitation; identifying your best prospects and brainstorming the best ways to capture their hearts and minds.

We will be there from the beginning to help you secure those leadership gifts to the day you move into your new animal shelter.  You'll take comfort working with us knowing that you have a partner that knows and understands animal shelter capital campaigns first hand because our founder & ceo has been involved in many shelter capital campaigns. 


A fundraising feasibility study is a first and most critical step in launching a fundraising campaign to build a new or renovate an existing, animal shelter.  

Animal Shelter Fundraising performs the industry's most comprehensive readiness test which not only realistically gauges how much money your organization can raise and how long it will take to raise it, we also:

  • Develop a case statement for the project.
  • Measure and identify desired priorities among your organization’s constituency. 
  • Assess community support for your proposed plans.
  • Obtain key constituency feedback on your organization’s and leadership's performance.
  • Identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to your organization.
  • Gather important information about prospects that will be useful during the capital campaign.
  • Research and identify foundation grant opportunities.
  • Garner valuable confidential insight from the "movers and shakers" in your community.
  • Build awareness and generate momentum for a proposed capital campaign.
  • Evaluate organizational infrastructure and staff/board readiness to initiate a capital campaign.

Our final report will make specific recommendations on whether and how to launch a successful campaign that will position your capital campaign for success.

Animal Shelter Fundraising is the ONLY fundraising firm in the entire country that specializes in animal shelter capital campaigns and we have more experience performing fundraising feasibility studies for animal shelters than the top 10 firms in the country combined.

Let us help you make your dream of a new shelter a reality!


Direct mail fundraising remains one of the most successful forms of fundraising in the animal sheltering industry and is probably the best way to build a sustainable fundraising program for your organization.   Animal Shelter Fundraising is a leading provider of direct mail fundraising to animal shelters and rescue groups across the United States.  We offer both custom-made and turn-key direct mail campaigns that will help you maximize your fundraising revenue.


Online fundraising is rapidly becoming one of the most successful ways to raise money for your organization and every indicator is that it will only grow stronger going into the future. Let Animal Shelter Fundraising develop your presence with online campaigns so that your organization can build a steady stream of reliable contribution income.


The key to your organization's financial future is a strategic fundraising plan!

Whether you are a small rescue group with limited resources or a large animal shelter with a myraid of opportunities,  the key to your financial success is a well-thought, comprehensive, and strategic fundraising plan.   A strategic fundraising plan will allow you to focus your efforts, plan out your yearly fundraising calendar, and guide your strategy and tactics so you can maximize your fundraising revenue with efficiency.

Let us help you develop a strategic fundraising plan to sustain and grow your organization's finances.




Tim Crum is the author of three books in the Animal Shelter's Guide to series, which have received high praise and numerous recommendations from industry professionals.  You can purchase books by visiting:


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